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/ digital photography and laser print

There are times when people feel the need to project themselves onto an object in order to nd strength for their own longing for progress. Believing in items that should bring happiness is a completely valid human experience.
They convey the feeling of protection and relief. These ele- ments have been incepted into popular culture for a very long time. The three objects should bring good luck and success, as well as protect homes and businesses. The language or geography is indifferent to the universal fact that we all need faith in something in the process of believing in ourselves.

East Asia
Japan - China - Taiwan - Korea

South America Peru - Bolivia

South Asia - India

I am particularly interested in the phenomenon of popular belief and how it has been preserved in time in many cultures. There are no valid scienti c studies that prove its effectiveness and credibility. To believe not only brings support and strength, but also manages to connect people.
As a media implementation, three photographs are shown, on which each lucky charm is presented together with its altar.
In addition, there are three postcards, each showing a different motif of a lucky charm. On the back of each postcard is a description of the project. The visitor will have the opportunity to take home a lucky charm in the form of a card.

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